SC - Conference system


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The conference system (SC) consists of paging desks with either a table stand or a built-in assembly.

Each paging desk includes a microphone with a green light ring, ON/OFF push-button and a speaker. Besides, the president paging desk also includes an additional priority push-button to enable the cancelling of all delegates paging desks present in the system in order to give higher priority to the president.

All paging desks are managed, amplified and power supplied by the central station (SC-400) which can handle up to 60 paging desks connected using 3 different bus lines ( Capacity extendable to 120 paging desks by using additional equipment).

Besides, the conference system allows the integration with other systems that can be very common in such applications. The central station can be connected to a preamplifier, recording equipment, an equalizer as well as the public address or sound system present in the same room.


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