Explosion proof and waterproof equipment

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Intercom substation for EX zones

IR-62\1, IR-62\2 and IR-62\3 substation are built to be installed in EX zones in combination with the intercom 500 system.Allows a half-duplex communication with the central desk (ID-500), where can be programmed in groups in order to give solutions to complex industrial installations.
Ruggedness and durability are main characteristics in UDE casting products. All intercom substations are made in Spain.

Official certificate:
LOM 10ATEX2049
II 2GD  /  Ex d IIB T3 Gb
Ex t IIIC T85ºC Db  /  Ta: -20ºC / +55ºC.

EX zone horn loudspeakers
Horn loudspeakers for EX zones can bring solution for public address system in industrial zones. The horn loudspeaker could be connected to the IR-62 substation as an audio support in an high noise environment place or just as a loudspeaker global PA system or PA emergency system. Two different acoustic horns are available.
Ruggedness and durability are main characteristics in UDE casting products. 
Official certificate:
LOM 10ATEX2050
II 2GD  /  Ex d IIB T3 Gb
Ex t IIIC T85ºC Db  /  Ta: -20ºC / +55ºC.

Waterproof intercom substation and horn loudspeaker
The industrial intercom substations and horn loudspeakers, easy made to be installed with the intercom 500 system in heavy industrial zo
nes, where requirements are high like robustness, rugged, waterproof and shock absorber.


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